19th NPCW in Norway

    17/01/2015 - 09:00

    The 19th Nordic Process Control Workshop took place in Trondheim, Norway on 15-16 January 2015. The objective of this workshop is to bring together the Nordic process control community and to provide a forum for presenting recent and ongoing work in the area of process control, optimization and modeling.

    Dr. Zakharov from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) gave a presentation entitled ‘Dynamic modelling of a multiple hearth furnace for kaolin calcination’, summarizing the results of the mechanistic modeling carried out in the project. The presented work contributes to the development of advanced control strategy aiming to improve the control of the product quality and the energy efficiency of the process.

    This event brings together about 80 participants from academy and industry with an interest in the process control area, including the advanced control methods and the practical aspects of their implementation for real-life applications.

    To check the website of the event you can click here:http://www.nt.ntnu.no/users/skoge/npc/npcw-2015/