STOICISM annual consortium meeting in Frankfurt (Germany)

    28/01/2014 - 09:00 to 29/01/2014 - 18:00

    The annual STOICISM consortium meeting took place in Germany at the OUTOTEC GmbH facilities in Frankfurt and Oberursel from 28-29 of January 2014. On 28 of January a visit in the Outotec laboratories in Frankfurt was foreseen.

    14 partners attended the annual STOICISM consortium meeting. The purpose of the meeting was twofold: 1. To discuss the progress of the deliverables in various work packages and 2. Discuss the next milestones for the next reporting periods. The overall reporting by the consortium members it indicated that the results are promising, the deliverables are as initially planned by all partners and no delays are foreseen. The events to be attended during 2014 are addressing various audiences such as policy, scientific, research and the presentations will be given by different the work package leaders such as IMERYS; IMA-Europe; Universite de Lorraine and University of Delft. A master study is finalized from the Aalto University and a peer-review paper is prepared to be published in an international journal.