Imperial Chemical Industries Limited

    Within the project, ICI is involved in paint formulation, paint synthesis, wet paint characterisation, dry paint film property assessment and an evaluation of environmental impact of paints. This will include definition of appropriate paint formulations for successful evaluation of the identified candidate materials and recycled products, some of which may well be novel raw materials that require novel paint formulations, and testing of these formulations to define either the required improvements or confirm opportunities for the candidate materials. ICI’s work will also involve an environmental impact assessment of the paints using their proprietary Environmental Impact Analyser (See link below):

    ICI has allocated sufficient resource to complete this demonstration activity for all received samples as much of ICI’s work will be carried out using their state-of-the art automated paint formulating and testing robotic systems. Participation of ICI (as an end user of calcined industrial minerals) allows the opportunity to demonstrate the impact on CO2 footprint of the inclusion of the new sustainable industrial mineral products in paint formulations, as well as increasing the likelihood of industrial uptake of these new products. Validation of new products by appropriate end users is a relatively small but absolutely essential part of the demonstration exercise. Without this the consortium would not be able to confirm that the technologies developed within the project are capable of producing sustainable products that meet market requirements.