Industrial Minerals Association Europe

    IMA-Europe is the sector-based representation of the EU industrial minerals industry, it promotes the common interests of its members.

    Its thorough understanding of the industrial minerals sector and being at the key node of a large stakeholder network led to IMA-Europe being chosen as the dissemination & exploitation partner of choice for the STOICISM project. IMA-Europe’s role consists of identifying the appropriate communication tools and channels for reaching the target audiences interested in the STOICISM project and its outcome, thereby taking into account the intellectual property rights as well as confidentiality concerns of members. IMA-Europe will also consider access to market and identification of barriers in order to identify solutions and propose them to SME companies that are interested in the outcome of the STOICISM.

    IMA-Europe, an umbrella organisation of the European industrial minerals industry, is involved in all non-commercial issues related to the properties and safe use of industrial minerals, from their extraction and processing through to their end-use applications. Health and safety at the workplace, environmental protection, product safety and awareness about the importance of industrial minerals for society are at the core of IMA Europe’s priorities. IMA-Europe ensures that the industrial minerals industry at large benefits from the sharing of non-sensitive information and plays a supporting role in the promotion of best practices.