IMA-2014 in South Africa (September 2014)


    STOICISM presented in the International Mineralogical Association – (IMA 2014) meeting in South Africa

    21st General Meeting of IMA-2014 event which took place in Johannesburg (1 - 5 September 2014) is a dedicated event to the topical mineralogical expert discussions. The conference aims to provide an inspirational platform to promote the benefits early mineralogical studies and the processing stages can bring to the mining industry.

    Mrs. Adriana Guatame-García (Delft Technical University), gave a poster presentation titled “Determining iron impurities in calcined kaolin clays. An approach using short and long wavelength infrared spectroscopy”, where the identification of impurities is addressed by using classical and innovative analytical techniques. The Fe-related features are used to identify Fe hosted in the kaolinite crystal lattice or present as a secondary mineral. The early identification of impurities will assist in adaptation of the techniques for later extraction and beneficiation of the gangue ore to extract kaolin clays adapted to the end market needs.

    This event brings together academics, geologists, miners and processing industry with an interest in optimising the primary extraction and processing stages and ultimately to improve the overall performance of calcined kaolin clays in end applications.

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