STOICISM Masters project collaborator wins the Digital Field Mapping 2014 Prize


    Certificate Rachael Tierney

    Rachael Tierney, from the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines) in UK, completed her MSc dissertation project investigating the Imerys Higher Moor pit using Midland Valley Move software. Her dissertation “Targeting Kaolin Deposits with Discrete Fracture Networks” contributes to work package 1 of the STOICISM project which is funded under European Union 7th Framework Programme with focus on excellent science and innovation. Rachael Tierney’s dissertation, which was supervised by Prof. Hylke Glass, was awarded the first prize of the 2014 Midland Valley Digital Field Mapping competition.

    Drilling of boreholes and analysis of the drillcore is an expensive and time-consuming activity which is nevertheless mandatory for informed resource assessment and reporting purposes. Informed positioning of a limited set of exploratory drillholes can help ensure that drilling campaigns yield maximum information about the subsurface resource at the right price. This entails modelling the subsurface geology on the basis of surface characteristics and expert knowledge. Application of Midland Valley Move software with appropriate geological inputs addressed the prediction of the degree of kaolinisation of granite in the shallow subsurface. Reconciliation of simulated kaolinisation with actual data measured by Imerys showed a promising correlation, suggesting that the chosen approach is efficient at identifying exploration targets.

    Midland Valley, which announced the outcome in their February 2015 newsletter (below), will deliver the prize in May 2015. The prize also includes training and support for further research. 

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