STOICISM presented in the 6th Trilateral EU-Japan-USA Conference on Critical Raw Materials in Brussels, Belgium


    As dissemination leader of STOICISM FP7 project, IMA-Europe through Dr. Aurela Shtiza presented, the poster “From plant to mine: a reverse approach to help resource estimation and geometallurgical modelling” from the work of Dr. Q. Dehaine and Dr. L. Fillipov both from the University of Lorraine.  Their presented the status of the actions and deliverables of the STOICISM project using techniques to recover precious rare earth and metals from kaolin waste. Comparison of XRF core sample data with ICP analysis show that Sn, Nb and W are systematically underestimated but can be easily corrected using linear regression models. On the contrary Light rare Earth Elements (LREE) do not show any correlation with ICP. A mineral conversion method is illustrated which allow to covert core sample major element grades into mineral contents and also to assess the mean chemical composition of each mineral. A PLS regression applied to major XRF analyses shows that LREE grade can be predicted accurately with satisfactory validation results (R²= 0.89). These effective and inexpensive methods can be used for resource estimation and for mineral-based geometallurgical modelling of the deposit to assess the by-product potential for the raw materials of interest.

    The Trilateral Conference on Critical Raw Materials is an annual event hosted by one of the strategic partners EU, Japan, or USA. The 6th Trilateral Conference took place on 29 November in Brussels (Belgium) was hosted by the European Commission. With 120 participants, 20 oral presentations, 22 posters, this 6th edition provided the opportunity for networking with peers and partners between policy makers, researchers and innovators, to addresses the issues of access, processing and uses of critical raw materials.  This trilateral platform event has been a major driving force for the promotion of excellence in scientific and technical knowledge in mineral processing and use of CRM’s across the three regions.