STOICISM presented in the 9th International Mining Geology Conference in Australia


    9th International Mining Geology Conference event which took place in Adelaide (18-20 August 2014) is a dedicated event to the Mining Geology through the value chain from the Mineral Deposit Evaluation; Geophysics & Drilling; Extraction as well as Mineralisation Controls & Structural Geology.

    L.W. Palmer and Prof H.J. Glass from the University of Exeter, gave a presentation entitled “Risk associated with rock type prediction using simulation techniques” as part of the session “Mineral Deposit Evaluation III”. Their contribution focusses on geological risk as a result of lithological variation in a deposit. These variations while defining geological attributes, may have implications for down-stream planning for example; pit design, mill design, scheduling, cash-flows and so on. The results of the study presented consist of assessing through a sensitivity analysis, two type of models and the associated risks. The results presented are part of the applied research project STOICISM conducted in the frame of the FP7 funded project.

    This event brings together industry, academics, geologists, miners and processing industry with an interest in optimising the primary identification, extraction and processing stages and ultimately to improve the overall performance of raw materials for final applications.

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