STOICISM presented in IOM3 conference “Minerals and Metals Production from Mine to Market” in Cambridge, UK.


    Ms. Adriana Guatame-Garcia (TU Delft) and Mr. Luke Palmer (University of Exeter), as part of STOICISM consortium, respectively presented the contributions:

    1. “Determination of the origin of fine particles generated during the processing of perlite ore”
    2. “Ore Characterisation of Perlite for Process Optimisation”

    in the IOM3 conference “Minerals and Metals Production from Mine to Market” that took place on December 15-16 2015 in Cambridge (UK).

    Their contributions presented the latest findings on the perlite ore related to characterization and processing stages.

    The conference, organised by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), was devoted to scientific, technological and socio-economic aspects of the procuring, processing, separating, extracting and refining of minerals and metals and other natural resources relevant in this context.

    The event brought together around 80 delegates from 18 countries. The attendees included geologists, miners, metallurgists working in the industry and academia, with an interest in the production of minerals and metals.

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