STOICISM presented in the MANUFUTURE conference in Luxembourg


    The biannual conference on Innovation in Europe took place from 23 to 24 of November in Luxembourg city in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In line with the EU innovation objective to boost reindustrialisation and increase the manufacturing industry’s current GDP contribution from16% to as much as 20%, the MANUFUTURE event aimed at: 1. Assessing the manufacturing research and development progress in Europe compared with global competitors; 2. Define the conditions needed for successfully reindustrialising Europe; 3. Identify and endorse new policy instruments, business models, support mechanisms and technologies; 4. Develop recommendations for policy makers

    Dr. Aurela Shtiza on behalf of the consortium partners presented the contribution “Responding societal needs through STOICISM an industrial mineral focused FP7 project” in the session Sustainability of Resources in Manufacturing. Her contribution presents the status of the actions and deliverables of the project through the first 3 years including the geological assessment of the deposit, identification of impurities and processing, recovery of rare earth from wastes as well as the status of the assessment for the life cycle analysis for various industrial minerals.

    With 950 participants attending the event, 90 speakers divided in 16 sessions the event was highly promoted by the EU institutions in charge of innovation, research and competiveness and created synergies through the involvement of various stakeholders along the various value chains as well as through the networking opportunities for B2B partnerships. 

    The slides presented at the event are accessible: