STOICISM was present in the Geometallurgy 2014 conference in London during June 9-10


    Geometallurgy 2014 will address recent developments in this rapidly evolving discipline that aims to bridge the gap between geology and metallurgy by developing methods and tools that improve the efficiency of the recovery of metals and industrial minerals. The conference aims to provide an inspirational forum to promote the benefits that geometallurgy can bring to the mining industry.

    Mrs. Adriana Guatame-García, a researcher from Delft Technical University, made a presentation titled “Determination of CaCO3 content in diatomite ores”, where different analytical techniques for identification of calcium carbonate in diatomite ore and wastes were discussed. This goes in line with one of the main objectives of the STOICISM project, by developing techniques that allows the identification of the impurities in industrial minerals to perform a more efficient extraction and processing of industrial minerals.

    This event will be invaluable in bringing together geologists, miners, metallurgists and academics with an interest in optimising the value chain.

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